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I started a plush toy company in 2011 that targeted the embroidery market and grew a very large database of customers over the years. We recently started offering embroidery supplies to our customers and there was a clear demand to buy everything in one place. So, we discussed the idea of having an open platform for any user to come on to the website and checkout without needing to be a registered business or meet a minimum order. It was a no brainer. We also have great ideas to offer not just embroidery blanks for the children’s gift market, but also expand the offerings with pictures frames and pillowcases and baby clothing, anything that can be made into a personalised gift, separate from the embroidery teddies we have been making for the past ten years.

Finally, the community in this home-based gift market is very tight, and I wanted to extend that by including anyone who has an embroidery machine and just embroiderers for a hobby. Our public Facebook page is open to all and we’re happy to try and spread our knowledge and ideas to help small businesses grow.


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